Sconces - Villa Alys






Light s in their own right, the wall lamps are essential elements of decoration. Embellishing the walls with their discreet fantasy, the Villa Alys wall lamps decorate, like so many small works of art, the often neglected walls of a corridor, an entrance, or settle to illuminate the edge of a bed. Functional, these sconces blend subtly with all the decorations they envelop in a soft light. Once installed, they seem to be one with their environment, whether classic, rustic, urban or contemporary.   Like aerial stems that, like the branch of the tree, seem to come out of the wall, they take up the emblematic designs of the house or, carried by the breath of nature, they give an other aspect to the classic ornaments of decorative arts. Wonderful blooming or budding, the Olive Tree model thus takes the graceful dissymmetry of the Olive Tree lamp design, the Villa Alys emblem. Poetic representation of the olive tree, millenary and blazing tree, symbol of the Mediterranean. The Bay Leaf model unfolds its elegant leaves as a discrete and beautiful design. The Bamboo wall lamp summons, in its own way, the luxuriance of exotic vegetations.   With custom lampshades, all these wall sconces enhance the wall with the strength and finesse of a reinvented style.   Handmade, available in brown, nickel or gold version. Each bronze sconce is a unique piece. Produced from a wax proof of the two creators and founders of Villa Alys, Gaëtan Malphettes and Dorota Dabrowska, the lamps are produced with a traditional technique of sculpture called “lost-wax casting”. A technique that, preserving the patina – the mysterious charisma of bronze, gives all its quality to these sconces. Made in France by the best bronzers.