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Floor Lamps




The Villa Alys also offers floor lamps. Larger in size but not less pleasant, they arise gracefully from the ground and unfold their dreamlike shapes to inhabit the living rooms, magnify an entrance or, more simply, attach to the comfortable sofa. The floor lamps portray in their own way the different worlds of Villa Alys and unfold an imaginary from the plant, animal or primitive world. From the sober and majestic design of the Eva model, to the gentle Norman gardens of the Apple Tree model in a wink. More classic, the Grand Hotel lamp model recalls the codes of Villa Alys letting emerge from its foot, like the promise of spring, a delicate bud. Equipped with a functional small table, it embellishes a reading area where one can spend a few quiet hours, sipping a tea and, who knows, dipping a madeleine?   Handmade, each bronze floor lamp is a unique piece. From a wax proof of the two creators and founders of Villa Alys, Gaëtan Malphettes and Dorota Dabrowska, the lamps are made with a traditional technique of sculpture called “lost-wax casting”. A technique that, preserving the patina – the mysterious charisma of bronze, gives all its quality and its subtlety to the floor lamps.   Made in France by the best bronzers, all foot lamps bear the signature of their designer engraved on a brass plate. The know-how quality guarantee: the Villa Alys is a member of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Paris.